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Web design, web marketing, user experience optimisation, hosting
Backyard Cinema is a roaming, theatrical cinema that shows a wide selection of films in a variety of iconic, unusual and immersive locations both in and outdoors around London. Often creating a physical world surrounding the movie using in-depth set builds, actors and live music. Urban Aesthetics continues to work closely with Backyard Cinema's in-house designers to bring their latest cinema creations to life.
So far we have built websites for Snow Kingdom, The Lost World, Romeo + Juliet, Winterville, Miami Beach, The Last Chapel, Mission to Mars, plus a host of other exciting popups. All while ensuring the designs would translate perfectly on to the website and work seamlessly on all browsers and devices. We also optimised the website for speed and file size to make huge savings on bandwidth.
Backyard Cinema Miami Beach Set Backyard Cinema Website Miami Beach Bar

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My name is Ross Gosling, I'm a 37 year old digital designer living in London, England.
I do front-end web development, design and UI/UX for some great clients.


I am always more than happy to chat and discuss your project with you, I have worked with hundreds of startups and established companies throughout my 15+ years in the industry and believe I have gained a wealth of experience.

Please contact me for a free quote.

[email protected]
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