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Simple Fitness is a blog dedicated to fitness and healthy living articles, tips and tricks. It aims to simplify the complicated jargon around Fitness, Training and Yoga and provide easy to read and follow workouts and recipes.

Urban Aesthetics was tasked with a full site re-build to bring the overall look of the site up to a professional level and to drive customer engagement and retention.
Although the previous site was built on Wordpress, it was using a very clunky, overloaded and out of date theme which made it painfully slow and unusable. We re-built the site from the ground up, starting with a custom theme using Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome and only a handful of required Javascripts. This coupled with the minification of .js and image files, a fast UK server and the best cache plugin around, meant that the site now loads blazingly fast!
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My name is Ross Gosling, I'm a 37 year old digital designer living in London, England.
I do front-end web development, design and UI/UX for some great clients.


I am always more than happy to chat and discuss your project with you, I have worked with hundreds of startups and established companies throughout my 15+ years in the industry and believe I have gained a wealth of experience.

Please contact me for a free quote.

[email protected]
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